Saturday, August 30, 2008

SEO is a cycle, not a once and done process

Search engine optimization is different as other work in software industry; you can’t compare SEO with web designing and development. The major difference is that they have fixed beginning and end point for every cycle but in search engine optimization continuity is must, you can’t say that I am in top and I am not interested any more in SEO process. Search engine optimization is basically marketing and marketing never ends, each step in the SEO process informs the others that’s the main reason your competitors doing the same and giving you tough competition.

One phase is in SEO process is competitor analysis and in this analysis we analyze the competitor plus and minus and we start working accordingly. Its gives us details about how they have optimized their website and what marketing efforts they have taken and so on.

We need to keep our eyes on sites activities means source of traffic and user feed back about the site and how we can make our site better as compare our competitor. All these things require continues work on site.

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