Sunday, July 22, 2007

How we can make quality back links

It is important to consider all below given parameters to make quality back links because quality back links always considered by search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and other local search engines. If we do not consider these parameter, back links are worthless for any web site.

- Page should not contain more than 30 links.
- Links should contain the target keyword as a text hyperlink.
- Links must be on established and static pages.
- Page Should be index recently by Google or good page rank.
- Site related with your web site theme.
- Links should be on different C class IP.
- Never try to get links from link exchange sites.
- Your links should be permanent.
- English language sites only.
- No search spam.
- No scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link exchange sites.
- No forums
- No blog and ping sites
- No link schemes
- No blog comments
- No redirects or cloaking means page does not contain 301, 302, meta-refresh, JavaScript redirects.
- Page where your site links is available is not blocked by robots.txt
- No article submission sites
- No rel=nofollow links attribute used within your anchor text.
- No links through classified ads
- Never try to get dynamic links like link machine.
- No Adult or Porn sites.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO always claims to observe ethical principles in place of illegal principal and they always follow Google guidelines to bring search results on top. They take more time to optimize a web site as compare black hat seo and results are more stable than black hat. White Hat Techniques are ethical whereas Black Hat Techniques are notBlack Hat Techniques are probably illegal and results fall down in short period of time.

Types of black hat practice –

Use more keywords in a page to increase keyword density
Use of hidden text on a page
Use of Doorway page
Use of cloaking Use of redirection to forward traffic on some other page or site
Use of more than one H1 tag in a page
Repetition of same keyword’s in meta tag

And white hat seo techniques are those techniques are those who follow google guidelines and avoid above practice.

When using black hat SEO, the content on a page and links both on and to a page are developed for search engines to see. Humans aren't supposed to see them at all, and various black hat techniques can be used to hide them. While when we using white hat techniques, the content and links are designed for both humans and search engines to see.