Monday, February 10, 2014

The Latest Trend of Digital Marketing for 2014 is Content, Social Media and Mobile

We all know how digital marketing has influenced the big or small organization when it comes to branding, sharing and sales of their product and services. Although it can’t replace traditional marketing but it still made majors impacts while making the decisions and budget when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Digital Marketing is the “New Black”!

With the beginning of the year 2014, many changes and influences it going to make. Therefore, the strategy also changes with the new trends and requirements. No doubt Content Marketing is still a vital part of this strategy but one need to also understand how to make this work or content appeared in front of everybody. So, when someone ask you what’s your digital marketing strategy for 2014, then you have to be very clear and crisp about the thoughts  and approaches!

According to an Infographic shared by Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2014, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Social Media would be as a maximum in everyone’s list of strategies to mainly focus on.

Content is Still a Ruler

With the latest updates in Google, Content has become an important factor as Google give significance to quality content which are unique and informative for this we need different contents. 78% of CMO think that content is the future of the marketing. This content could be of anything like printed, visual, audio, graphs etc. only one thing you should keep in mind and that is quality content and how to make it viral. A quality content which unique and exclusive can help in the increment of user engagement. Visual contents like photos and videos contribute 65% of increase in the engagement when a user saw it. In this year, it’s been said that the content or post with a visual delight like videos will attract 3 times more the usual ones.

In this writing a content doesn't mean you are blabbering about your products and services. Today, customers are really advance and their thinking has been changed. They are more aware and alert what’s going around the world. Rather than this, you should write something through which your customers can relate or able to build a trust with your product or service. And hopefully shared it with other too!
Product Marketing รจ Relationship Marketing

Social Media is the Savior

Another upcoming trend is social media. “Social media is no more a luxury but a necessity of an organization”. 100% of business decision-makers use social media for work purposes. In social media it doesn’t count that you have to be present on each platform however a Facebook page, a blog, and an email newsletter, or it some up-and-coming services like Snapchat, YouTube or Vine etc. remember keeping your social media accounts up to date takes time, and for that you have to make sure you have a full-time marketing person or an agency so you don’t miss the opportunity. According to MarketingTechBlog, 33% of consumers cite social media networks as a way they discover new brands of product and services. In fact, 79% of marketers have integrated social media into traditional marketing activities.

The Looming Mobile Marketing

Lastly the mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is a marketing where you are reaching your customers at their personal space so it’s very important to keep the decorum maintained and a relationship which is completely understandable and doesn’t look like a spamming. With the increasing mobile usage this year mobile banner advertising is expected to grow by 100%. In 2014, according to digital marketing trends, around 35% of all search engine traffic will be from mobile devices. 40% of mobile marketers are planning to develop mobile apps for the marketing of their product and services. However, the strategy is to showcase your work in manner that it should not look like a spam and you are able to convey your message and thoughts to the users.

One need to understand that, you don’t have to use fancy words to attract your customers or clients. A crisp and to the point message can deliver the message if it’s clear and simple. Find your target audience and make strategies and plans which can help you to attain the goals. So, at 2014 don’t miss out the opportunity!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

State by State Web Usage Metrics Tool - How it can be Beneficial for Research Junkies

Chitika, the online advertising network has published a new interesting tool for all the research junkies. It is an interactive map which is categorized by the usage of operating systems as per the percentage by each state. In this, map allows users to check usage of operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux and Google; across the United States, you just have to hover over each state to discover the percentage of use.

According to the data, we can see that there are more Americans, those are using Windows, especially in Washington, where it has the headquarter of Microsoft, with 98.3% record.

In the meantime, Google is most widely used in Utah (73%), Mac is most popular in Vermont (28.5%), and most of the Linux users are in Wyoming (8.7%).

Here if we take a general example, often marketers need to understand that at times to attain the target audience time and again you have to find out what operating system your customers or potential customers are using. Although this tool is just a handy tool which can be used to find out the vague percentage in the targeted area to know whether someone is a PC, Mac, or Linux person, in fact with the operating system you can find a lot about the personality of a person too. Like Windows users are for the masses, Mac users care a lot about chic and style and they are ready to pay for it, Linux users are deeply technical etc. just by looking at the operating system you can find out how to target them and what could be the strategy designs to attract them.

Now the point come, how accurate it is? How much we can rely on these results? So, if we look at Chitika Insights reports generated Chitika ad network after analyzing. The results through large sample sizes can be varied with network of publishers, so they can’t give any guarantees over these results. This is just a tool which find out the vague percentage to different operating system users. They claimed – “We can only measure what we see in our network”. Fair enough, therefore this tool is good for the vague analysis or just for the overview section.

What could be more fascinating if company can make such tools or solutions from which you are able to detect or identify your target audiences with some simple procedures and data feed in the system! If this can be done then companies would save plenty of time and money which they spent over market analysis and market surveys.

Nevertheless the data and capabilities of this tool is limited and it’s limited just for US and Canada only. However, Chitika claims that they are aiming to update these data points in every six months, with the next iteration of Google-by-state data coming in the next month or so. So just take a look and try to fiddle with with this tool, may be in near future it will make some good impressions when it comes to research and development part.

You can reach to that tool here