Saturday, September 6, 2008

Web Analysis: Explore the Business

Its process and lots of things depends on the web analysis that’s why companies or organization hire a person to analyze the web data and make business strategy that helps organization to reach next level. Web analysis is not a single term its long process and results come after reviewing long data and on the basis of reports web analyst make new business plan.

We can divide web analysis in four parts:

Strategy: Make a comprehensive strategy that works best with marketing functions and technologies.

Implementation and customization: Implement develop strategy in to marketing and technology to reduce the cost and gain maximum benefit. Customize process, tools and man power.

Set Benchmarking: Define the key performance indicator that are most relevant to your business and after completion give maximum revenue to your business.

Resource and Web Optimization: Develop optimization strategies for your online and offline marketing initiatives that grow the bottom line and increase customer loyalty.

All these phases are broad and play major role in the success of the organization.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome: A Neww Google Browser

Google has launched a new company product Google Chrome it’s one more increment in browsers count. Chrome looking simple and fast but comes with some bugs too ..people start using so fast because it’s Google product and people trust on Google.

- Chrome currently runs only in Windows
- Complete site title is not display in title bar

You can download this tool here –

I hope you will find more features and bugs too…