Friday, January 31, 2014

Google Plus: Right Platform to Start Blogging and Why?

Blogging is known as one of the oldest method of online marketing. It was the way to convey your thoughts and opinions to the people. When a person decides to start a blog, the first decision is to decide on which platform he/she want to start writing. There are plenty of decision making factors while choosing a platform i.e. on popularity basis, user reach and engagement, compatibility issues with browsers and social media platforms etc. In this, one of the important factors are user engagement and to what extend it is popular amongst the users because if no one know about that platform or if the platform is not known to people, it’s a mare waste of your time and energy while producing contents which do not have a reach to mass.
These days, Google+ is making quite an impact over the blogging segment. People had start considering Google+ not just for social media but for blogging too and it is because of the benefits and advantages it provide.

If we go back a little back in time (approximately 5 years ago); blogging was a public platform whereas social media was the private affair (Only profile connected people can access). But over the time of time, social media too become public and it allows you to access the public post even if you are not a part of community or in the list. This feature is used by the bloggers to promote their blog site.

Those days are gone when social media and blogging were two different things; now we have some platforms which provides both features in the single platform or you can say it’s a hybrid of social media and blogging. In this, Tumblr is a popular platform which allows both however, Tumblr is more for micro-blogging like Twitter but Twitter lacks in its word limits capacity. Here, who leads ahead is Google+. Google+ gave an amazing set of features like circle, hangout, communities, +1s etc. which provide unique benefits to the blogger which ultimately affects your organic ranking in the search engine.

+1s are the Ultimate benefit!

Do you know whenever you +1 a page Google consider it as single page in the search list! Blogging on Google+ just sets you free and give amazing features and advantages. Google+ platform has qualities that make it a far superior platform for SEO. One need to understand this fact, Google+ is a part of Google search engines so giving priorities to these pages are so obvious that means better organic ranking.

Word limits are not an issue here!

Unlike those micro-blogging which have limited words length and posts; Google+ gives you nearly unlimited length and post and also unlimited uploads of pictures or photographs.

Let’s Hangout!

The Hangout feature is the most unique feature in a Google+ which set this apart from rest of the blogging sites. With the use of hangout you can actually conduct online events e.g. you have written a book in your expertise area and you are inaugurating an event on it; here you can send invites to your online followers and can promote your event in the most cost-effective manner. It’s more like a part of user engagement where you can interact with users on a 1-to-1 basis which is the most important factor when it comes to social media marketing. This feature is also used by many celebrities or stars use this to reach to their fans while promoting a movie or event. In fact, you can also use this feature if you are trying to communicate with your clients and users to resolve their query or issue. This feature is got a personal touch and it is helpful to create better bonding with your users which result into added trust and loyal customers. 

Circle your Groups!

In this you also have Circle feature, its simply categorizing the followers and networks. Using circle you can write, edit, re-edit, send or resend the post in the following circle and convey your thoughts and ideas accordingly. A good blogger always believe in sharing/re-sharing their content in the dedicate circles. In this, if your post becomes popular amongst the users and could make it to Google+ “What’s Hot list” then might be million other people can read or see your work.  

 Let’s Communicate in Communities!

Similarly, you also have communities; join communities which fascinates or is of your interest can help you to reach to the people those who have similar kind of work and concentration. Which not just allows you to reach your target audience but also allows you to take part in the discussions which are currently viral and popular.

If we look at today’s reality we can’t deny the fact that Social Media has proven an amazing platform for keeping the current customers intact and also give us the opportunity to have new set of target customers in most effective and economical way. Among the various social media platforms Google+ has slowly proven to be the potential pioneer in this industry. At the end, we would like to know your take over the topic.