Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Version of Yahoo Search: Yahoo Glue

Now Yahoo started a new version of search engine in India called Yahoo Glue that shows results in a different manner.

In this version yahoo trying to show all type of results related with query on a single page. Now you can see images, video, news, answer and wikipedia results for your typed query. Yahoo divide search result page in five sections –

Wikipedia Results - Show results find in wikipedia against your typed query.
Image Results - Show all images results find against your typed query.
You Tube Video - Show all video results find in YouTube against your typed query.
Yahoo Answer - Show all answer results find in Yahoo answer against your typed query.
News - Show all news results find in different news sites against your typed query.

New Version of Yahoo Search: Yahoo Glue

Now it’s like a plate of dishes made from a single vegetable and i hope you like this dish.

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