Monday, August 25, 2008

Minor Changes in Google Algorithm

It’s drastic change that I have seen in Google search engine results recently – I am regular user of 123greetings and always send greeting from this site that’s why I am well familiar with site navigation, content and the cards. Yesterday I just type 123greetings on Google and find 123greetings in first result and surprising thing is what you know? Only 123greetings coming on site title rather than the full title available on site page. Then I am start trying same thing with other sites and I found same this with others too.

Like –

Search Query – "regards" Site –
Search Query – "americangreetings" Site -
Search Query – "moneysupermarket" Site -
Search Query – "nma" - Site -

What I analyze from all these result is? It happen with branded or well established sites and search query match with URL. Logic behind this is Google want to give perfect result for the search query because visitors gives lots of weighted to title that comes on search engine results and preferred to click on such types of site where they find their search keyword.

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