Saturday, June 30, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is process in which we follow certain steps to make our site according to the search engines nature or we can say according to the algorithms a search engine follows to bring a web site in top search results. We concentrate on the search engines guidelines in which many things are comes like designing, coding, content and much more.

We can divide search engine optimization in two parts on is On – Page Optimization and other one is Off – Page optimization. Things which we consider in

On Page Optimization are –

Keyword Research
Meta Tag Generation
Competitor Research
Optimized code of web site
Make site User friendly
Minimum use of Flash and images is good practice
Keep Healthy Interlinking of a web site.
Site Map generation including XML and HTML
Remove broken link of a web site if they exists
Improve keyword density of web site and make it approx 3 to 7%
Make content interesting and supportive that make proper relevancy with the keyword which you target on a page.
Proper use of H1, H2 and H3 on a page that help to improve ranking.
Proper use of Robots.txt and .htaccess file

Off-Page Optimization –

This is a second phase of optimization in which we generate web site references on other site which points towards your sites. Sites are relevant to yours using certain things –

Link Exchange
Directory Submission
Article Submission
Press Release Submission
Blog Creation and Submission
Social Book Marking and Networking
Forum Submission

These are different way to getting incoming links that help to generate strong back links support and search gives priority of such type of sites, who have quality back links. If you want to know more Click Here


Mark said...

This is good one man.I think this will helpme a lot in doing seo.I think you are the good coachi mean good teacher of of seo.

Thanks a lot.

Michael said...

can you suggest me some thing about .htaccess file.

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Sushil Kumar Verma said...

its server file available on linux server only which helps you to admin your website in terms of users and search engine crawler. You can instruct them how to behave with your website.

Sushil Kumar Verma said...
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