Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Does your business use a Social Media marketing strategy or a marketing strategy that uses Social Media? One is a Social Media marketing recipe for success. One is a Social Media marketing recipe for consuming valuable time and resources with quite possibly nothing concrete to show in return.

According to a strategy is "a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result".

The goal of this article to provide you a step by step plan that will result in an optimized Social Media marketing strategy. And best of all it's free. No e-Books, no annoying pop ups and no registration. Why am I offering all this information for free?

Simple. At some point when your company decides it wants to outsource one of the following processes, or any related to Social Media marketing, SEO, MMO or content creation procedure.

The following steps for creating a Social Media marketing strategy are being presented in four phases. Each phase is equally important and their order is also relevant. If you successfully implement these phases you will achieve a desired result. The extent of that result will obviously depend on the extent of the need, and the creativity applied.

Step 1: Research your target market. Your target market is the online audience that has the biggest need, or has already demonstrated an interest, in the products or services your business offers.

For additional information and resources read the following article. It will take you through the above vitally important process step by step, it's free and contains no advertising. Article Link-

Social Media Marketing: Steps used by the Large Agencies To Gain Results

Step 2: Determine which Social Media platform is best for reaching your target market.

The below article compares the unique advantages of Twitter verse Facebook but the information also applies to any social networking community, Blogging or the newest niche application. Article Link-

Facebook verse Twitter which is better for your Business goals?

Step 3: Content creation and optimization. It can't be overstated. The best Social Media strategy in the world will not succeed, or come close to reaching it's potential, if you don't offer content that appeals to your target market. Online content takes many forms. It can be written copy, placed in a video, linked to from another source or contained within a customized application.

The below article outlines how to create and optimize content for Twitter. But as stated above, the basic theory applies to any content used in any Social Media marketing strategy. Article Link-

How to create and optimize your content to gain measurable results!

Step 4: You've defined your target market. Selected a Social Media platform(s). Created and optimized the content. Now you're ready to build it. And if you build it they will come, your company will gain tremendous Internet exposure, traffic and a very nice return on investment right?

Well, perhaps that was the case ten to fifteen years ago. Before the Internet became a very crowded global community. But for some reason far too many Social Media efforts still under emphasize the most important strategy. The "Marketing" Strategy. The Strategy that lets your target audience know what you've created, how it will benefit them and where they can find it. The strategy that focuses on conversions.

The below article focuses on Search Engine Marketing conversion, but as is the case with the above articles, the information applies to any marketing strategy. Whether it’s Internet marketing, e-Marketing, Social Media marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing or niche marketing. Article Link-

On site and off site SEM Tips for higher conversion rates

Bookmark this article, implement these four phases and join an elite group of businesses that are reaping the benefits of a profitable Social Media marketing strategy.

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