Thursday, August 7, 2008

Directory submission is worth full or not?

Directory submission is the traditional way to get one way links that’s why lots of companies involve in this process and submitting hundreds of hundreds web directories. But think once, whatever link we getting through this process are worth full? Answer is No because most of the pages where we have inbound link either not index or not has page rank

Now you start thinking that pages getting index and page rank in the future then these in coming links are beneficial for us but you know how many pages getting index and page rank, just few.

Consider only quality websites not everyone, some common problem with web directories pages where we getting links –

1 – Pages are either not index or have zero page rank
2 – Sites don’t have meaning full URLS
3 – Redirection problem
4 – Position of your link is not fixed because they have fixed limit of display link in a page and if that limit is exceeded position will change.
5 – Domain expire in some cases
6 – Searching facility is not available within a site that’s why difficult to find your site listing in directory.
7 – Some times directory shows error message – “URL is already exist in site”

So use your time and men power in right direction and save money and get traffic.

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