Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meta Tags- Importance, Quality and Limit

META tags are part of HTML but are there for the sole use of search engine spiders. Lots of Meta tags available but generally people consider below three Meta tags in pages -

Meta Title – It’s a title of the page that gives a short about the page content. The title tag not only displays at the top of the browser window, but also appears as the linked text when potential customers review results from a search. It is indexed by the big three engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN). To Google, the Title Tag is of average importance in terms of SEO but of high importance in regards to getting the click that’s why it should be combination of both means user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

Meta Description – Descriptive information about the page or you can say a short snippet about the page content. You need to take your target keywords two times in your description tag.
Meta Keywords –
It’s a collection of 10 to 12 phrase that represent your page content or theme. Search can take idea about the page content.
Example – Suppose we have page that offer happy birthday cards free and url of that page is –
Then Meta tags should be –
Title –
Happy Birthday Cards, Free Happy Birthday Cards, Greeting Cards (Max – 65 Char)
Description –
It’s right time to send free happy birthday cards to your friend’s family and loved ones. Check thousand of happy birthday greeting cards in our cards gallery. (Max – 160 Char)
Keywords –
Happy birthday, happy birthday cards, happy birthday ecards, happy birthday greetings, happy birthday greeting cards, free happy birthday cards, online happy birthday cards, happy birthday wishes (Max – 200 Char)

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