Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 tips to optimize blog

As we all know- every one start posting on blogs and because they want everyone can see it and they can spread awareness about the topic. I mention below 10 things that make your blog searcheable and people start recognize your blog-

1- Use full text in your RSS feed
2- Optimize the text in the RSS feed just like you should with your posts and web pages. Use descriptive, keyword rich text in your title and description.
3- Include keywords clouds on pages.
4- RSS feeds with podcasts and video enclosures will get you into additional RSS directories and engines.
5 - Create Sitemaps
6- Keep blog title to the point
7 - Post Often
8 - Create a unique topic
9 -Ping Other Sites to let them know you have a new blog entry
10 - Submit your blog in blog directories

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