Sunday, January 6, 2008

Quick RSS - 5 Steps to Make a Profit With RSS

Online users are constantly in search for new methods and techniques that will make their researching online much easier and faster. They tend to dislike jumping from one website to another. They prefer to be spoon fed and would like to have the information right in their finger tips. This was probably the main reason why RSS was developed. It offers readers news feed for free right in front of their computers or on their browsers without the need to access any website.

1. Make use of keyword-rich titles and descriptions. Make sure that your main keywords are included in your headlines and your brief summary. Most online users are using these words when they are searching for information in the internet. Thus, if you know how to properly incorporate keywords to your titles and descriptions, your feeds will be most likely to be included on the search result page.

2. Include publish dates. This will help your online readers determine if your information is fresh or outdated.

3. Make your feeds visually appealing. Bring out your artistic side and design your feeds appropriately. Incorporate attention-grabbing images that will help your feeds stand out from the rest.

4. Post original content. Don't try to get credit for something that you did not write. It is not only unjust; it can also greatly ruin your online credibility. When you copy other's content, you are directly telling your subscribers that you don't have valuable information to share and that you are not an expert on your field.

5. Host your own feed. You will reap a lot of benefits if you won't rely on other company and you will have complete control over your RSS feed.

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