Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What is keyword effectiveness index(KEI)

We all knows targeting a good keyword is the most challenging work because getting top ranking in search engines depend on that. If we select a keyword that have good searches but also have more competition, then it tough for us to get top ranking in search engines.

It is important for us we always doing enough research on targeting keyword on our site.
Mainly KEI is a logarithmic scale that aims to quantify the effectiveness of any search term(Keyword). The KEI value is 0 to 10. It is similar in principal to the Richter Scale, commonly used to measure earthquakes, and this is a good way to think about the figures.

The very best keywords have high popularity (as in a large number of searches), but are not very competitive, that is they do not appear on a large number of pages. This relationship is represented by the Keyword Effectiveness Index, or KEI.

“Basically KEI is the comparison between number of searches on a particular keyword and the number of search results pages that pointing to that keyword.”

Once these effective and targeted terms and phrases are revealed, it becomes easier to decide what to optimize a web page for, thereby improving rankings and the flow of targeted traffic to your web site. It is only a way to find the best keywords that have many searches and that don't have much competition in the search results. It is only helps you to get top ranking in search engines.